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Editing is very important in self-publishing!
How many of the new generations of authors think that editing is a very important part of one's self-publishing journey? Let's talk about this important aspect of a self-publishing journey and we will try to understand how to get the best editing services for your book. Editing a book has various layers - proofreading, simple editing, substantial editing and thematic editing and a few others depending upon the editor or team of editors. Whatever be the case, editing is an important part if you are opting for self-publishing of your book. What are your opinions? Let's exchange ideas.
I totally agree with the point that has been raised by Admin. Editing is a very important part of self-publishing and it must be taken care of. So, always choose a publisher who is ready to pay attention to this main job that comes before publishing. Just getting your book published quickly doesn't make you an established author. You should present your best case to the readers and that will come only after editing you manuscript.

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